Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Girl Can't Get a Break

So I'm supposed to be writing a paper, but it's early in the evening and I've got plenty of time before this project truly becomes "last minute" so I thought I'd take a moment to start updating the blog.

Note to guys at bus stop, I'm not interested.

So on Tuesday morning I walked to the bus stop for my daily experience with really bad bus drivers and there's a guy there waiting. I've seen him before. He says good morning, I say good morning, we chit chat about being in college, majors, etc. I mention something about my husband and he sayd, "Oh, you're married?" The inner smart-ass in me wanted to comment on the obviousness of that question but I said yes. He said, "oh, I thought I noticed a ring the last time I saw you but I wasn't sure." I have had it confirmed that guys only look at girls hands if they are interested. ACK. Then he says, "I like your hair, what color is it?" Ok, it was bright out, does he not know his colors and what the hell with the complimenting my hair? Even I know that guys only comment on your hair if they are a)hoping for a hook up, b) your husband and they know they should or c) gay. I'd ruled out gay based on other evidence. So I said Red and quickly pulled out a text book to start reading. The bus came, thank goddess, and I sat where he couldn't sit near me. Sometime during our converstaion it had come out that I am from Missouri. So as he's getting off the bus, again with the goddess thanking not at my stop, he says, "By Missouri, it was nice meeting you."

I. was. freaked. out.

That afternoon he was on the bus coming home and I quickly called Michael so that I would be unavailable to talk. And now I walk with my headphones on, music off, to discourage people.

I'm not sure why this freaked me out. Except, Michael is currently in St. Louis so I am alone with Alex. I walk, alone, to the bus stop and home every day. I don't have a car. I'm not used to being hit on. I'm a married woman.

Ninja Jehovah's Witness

Then Wednesday I'm sitting on the bus stop bench reading for school and this nicely dressed older lady suddeny appears. I swear, I have no idea where she came from. She says good morning. I say good morning. She says, "looks like you have something important to read there" Thank you captain obvious. I just nodded. Now, I know I should have better manners, but I'm naturally very shy, I'm not a morning person, I hadn't had caffeine yet and I was trying to read. So I just said, "yeah." She asked if she could give me a "bible-based religious magazine" to read and i could tell it was the Watch Tower. I very politiely (because I'm scared my gramma would rise from the dead and kick my ass for being rude to an older person) told her no thank you and poof, she was gone. I swear. I have no idea where she went. I got accousted by a ninja Jehovah's Witness.

Which then got me to thinking about how all religions are cult-like, even early Christianity was considered a "Jesus Cult" and how most of that is now mainstream, recognized and organized religion. That got me to thinking, what's the difference between a cult, and a recognized religion? And I've got the answer and it's profound. Ya'll ready?

The difference is the kool-aid.