Monday, March 10, 2008

So this is what a nervous breakdown feels like.

So far this semester, I've read 15,000 pages of test, taken two tests and written 15 papers. So goes the life of an English/Sociology double major. I'm working on a literature review for my sociology honors class. It's due tomorrow and I never met a deadline I didn't feel the need to procrastinate. I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed. I have 4 papers due this week. 2 are done, one of those is turned in. I also need to find a job because I got the great news last week that as of Friday I don't have a job. Because what I really needed right now was to have to run around campus and find a job.

I spent about 45 minutes crying to Michael. He convinced me that I am a good writer, I can do this. I know this, but it felt good to hear. I wish he was here to reassure me. But tonight's it's just me, precious (my beautiful red laptop), Billy Joel's greatest, a lot of caffeine and the cursed Girl Scout cookies. Oh and Benadryl because I'm allergic to dirt and everything that grows in it and it's Spring here in the desert.

Spring Break starts Friday at 5. I intend to sleep all day Saturday. Next weekend I'm cleaning house and organizing it, getting ahead in my readings, research, and with any kind of luck, some reading for fun and knitting. Thank god for knitting tomorrow night.

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