Friday, August 03, 2007

Update to the Postal Rant

Sorry I went *postal,* get it? Anyway, I did fail to mention the most heinous postal insult of all. I graduated, "With Highest Honors" which means I worked my ass off to have straight A's back in April. It took me a long time to get there. Years of moving, no support from the ex, yadda yadda. So I was proud. I was extatic. I nearly killed someone when I found my diploma, carefully encased in a nice sturdy cardboard envelope, clearly marked "DO NOT BEND" creased down the middle and shoved in the box. I think they heard me in Santa Fe. I called and complained.

Fortunately, only one little edge was creased, and I think I can dry-iron it out, then mat it and frame it, but dammit, I worked hard for that.

So they finally found our mail. Seems our postal person has more people with hold mail than he has slots. So he double slotted them. And Scott, who I just might name my first born after, agreed to take the mail out to KM even though it was after hours. But he couldn't find my package. And there was no unemployment check. BUT, when we got home, KB had seen the guy and grabbed our stuff, including my package and KM's check. KB tried to get the mail yesterday but the guy told him that it was held and he didn't have it. So it appears to be working.

And Meg, PAYING to have the mail forwarded? That sucks. Here it's free, first class forwards for a year, I think everything else after that is 6 months (junk mail, etc).