Monday, July 30, 2007

Bad Blogger, No Doughnut

Hey Peeps, as my good friend Jenny would say. I've been bad. But it's been insane. Due to property mismanagement, being at our old place was miserable. The air conditioner was shot, and the property people weren't doing anything about it. So we need to find a place, and fast. So we found a place on the 15th and started moving on the 21st. We finally finished in the wee hours of Thursday the 26th.

So imagine this: We've been moving for days. Our stuff is breeding in the night. We finally have the last load, a few odds and ends, Isis in her terrarium, Lupin in the cat carrier and Gryffindork in my lap, it's 2:30 AM. We pull out of the drive and I hear a weird noise, but I figure it's my car hitting since my shocks are shot. But as we go to pull forward, we realize we have a flat. So we pull over and KM proceeds to remove everything from the trunk to get to the spare, and then fortunately the jack had been in the last load. I don't have the Honda jack since the fine Toyota dealership where I bought it didn't give it to me. Fortunately we had the tire iron. So KM proceeds to try and find a location to jack the car. I proceed to have an allergy attack. I'm allergic to cats. My cats don't bother me as long as I don't have them in my face a lot. But I'd been holding and loving on Gryffin for a while and it wasn't going well for me. My cat allergy is all contact, and all in my eyes. So my eyes are itching and burning and watering. I decide to take Gryffin back over to the house and lock her up while we change the tire. We change the tire and try to reload the trunk. But because the flat is bigger than the spare not everything will fit in the trunk now. So we use bungee cords to close it. There was a lot of cussing from KM. There was much sneezing and eye watering from me. I was ready to tear my eyes out. We go to the house to wash up and get Gryffin, get back to the car. Please note that in our infinite wisdom, we had the headlights on to aid in changing of said piece of shit tire.


Dead battery.

More cussing from KM, Gryffin and Lupin. More itching from me. I mainly just sat there and cried.

So we called my great brother-in-law Luke to come down and help. But he thought we were at the new place and went there first. Finally gets to us. It is 4:30 AM. It takes a bit to get the right cables on the right car parts and a while to get it jumped. Finally we're rolling. Luke follows us home to make sure we make it ok, because at this point, anything was possible. I was actually expecting another flat tire since the house of doom had lots of construction debris in the yard.

We got to the new place at 5:30. Luke helps KM unload while I shower and try to wash off 8 pounds of cat hair. Gryffin becomes porcupine cat when she's nervous and sheds A LOT. She also farts.

I took benadryl and I don't know what to stop it and fell in to bed at 6, where I barely slept, got up at 7 to go in to work for a bit.

Left work at 10 to go the Darth House and meet the mismanagement lady, who was a biotch. Look lady, not my fault the support beams in the crawl space are breaking and the walls of the house are separating from each other. Also not my fault your electrician couldn't fix the house. Also not my fault that your contractor smokes crack and did a quarter-ass (not even good enough for half-ass) job. They actually laid the carpet down over the existing flooring/construction debris/somebody's lunch. You could feel the lumps. But more upsetting was the occasional hole you discovered. Then there were the holes in the sheet rock that they actually painted AROUND! And don't get me started on the spider infestation. So we'll see how badly we get charged for cleaning or whatever.

After that came home for a bit of a laydown while KM got the last of the stuff from the little shed. Then I ran to work for more stuff to do, took KB to his grandparents and came home. KM had a meeting and I slept. Got up and made it to my knitting night with my good friend. It was good to finally work on something.

We did pick up our copy of Harry Potter 7 during the move. KM stayed up all night to read it, but I just didn't have it in me. Between Shithole Manor and then the move, the fibromyalgia has been flaring. DO NOT post about plot details, who dies, etc. I will curse you. I am a witch. Don't try it. KB hasn't read it but his grandma told him stuff. I told him if he uttered a peep I would cancel Christmas for the next 10 years.

KB's birthday was this last weekend, so we celebrated that and did lots of unpacking. We're still unpacking. We moved to a smaller place, but it's cheaper and the landlords take care of things.

Best news of all. I am retiring in 9 days. I will be full time at UNM this fall. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I love back to school time. I think I am going to buy myself some crayons just so I can sniff them. What? They smell good.

Hopefully soon I will have knitting content. I'm on the second sock out of Trekking XXL for me. I didn't do so well on the Tour de France knit-a-long, what with the move and all, but I'm continuing to work on Amy's blanket.

That's all folks.

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Meg said...

That sounds like on heckuva move! And your car troubles beat my worst car breakdown story by a country mile!