Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Celtic Family

A few weeks ago we gathered our water, our hats and 10 gallons of sunblock and headed off to the Celtic Festival and Highland Games. It's a great festival here in Albuquerque featuring my 2 favorite things, men in kilts and pipe bands. FKM is no longer FKM, he now has a kilt, so he is KB - Kilted Boy. But he was a little shy about going "regimental" or "commando" as he calls it, so he wore underpants. There were some great tents with jewlery, bags, kilts, etc. A few of our friends even bought themselves kilts. I mostly sat in the shade listening to the bands and knitting on a sock. The sun is not so good for me, it apparently now gives me a rash, which isn't quite so fun. I live in the desert Southwest. But here, for your viewing pleasure is a picture of my fine Scottish Lads and one of all 3 of us. Oh, and KM entered a "Bonny Knees" contest, but lost. I think he had the better knees and calves, but ultimately, the crowd went for the Converse sneakers. KM's knees are the ones under the purple and blue kilt.

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