Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So here I am, finally. After many computer problems (don't ask) I'm going to give you a LOT of updates. But, I'll do it in installments. This post will be about the zoo I live with. First we have Lupin in nap mode. He is so cute when he does this. He is a flame point Simese. Then we have Gryffin looking out the window. My cats are strictly indoor. In the desert outdoor kitties become coyote food. Both cats love to sit in the window and look out. Gryffin has apparently been doing a lot of crack and has taken to being affectionate AND sociable. Then we have a bad photo of me trying to get Velvet to wear my tiara. I have 3 tiaras, I love them. I wear them to combat the testosterone in my house.

And last, after 20 months of being with KM, I finally held Isis. Having a snake in the house isn't so bad. I got use to it because I use to stay with KM before we moved in together. Lots of people can't believe I'm ok with her. She use to live in our bedroom. But because this house is so bloody cold in the winter, she lives in the office where it's much warmer. I sometimes will bring her "takeout" otherwise known as live rats. But this bothers me, I feel incredibly guilty, so I don't do that often and I can't be in the room at feeding time. But I finally held her. She is nothing like I thought. I expected scaley and slimey. She is cool, smooth and dry. Oh, and she's a ball python for those interested.

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Nice Snake Picture Sis..."AMI" would freak LOL