Friday, April 06, 2007

Please Help Me

Ok, I'm apparently a little slow. I am desperate to have buttons on my blog. I can NOT figure out how the fuck to do it. You can see the buttons, but if you click, it takes you to my photobucket page, not the page for the site I'm trying to promote. So can someone please explain to me, using small words and big pictures, how the fuck I do this in blogger? I'm trying to jazz this place up a bit.


Anonymous said...

For a techie, I am surprizingly useless with such things as buttons.

Do you know what I am good for? BUYING PRESENTS! Your goodies are bought and ready to roll!

I will be sending them tomorrow, so stay tuned for estimated time of arrival. ^_^

Emilee said...

Yeah, presents. I love presents. Can't wait. I'm good at OPENING presents, LOL.

Kat said...

Hi! Go into the the HTML composition page in your dashboard and where you have posted the button you will see an long spiel, look carefully and you will see an area the says www.photobucket blah blah, delete it and put the web address you want in, but be careful as there is two areas wher it will say photobucket, one is where the image is fromn and the other is the link, you need to change the link, I always change things and then preview blog first before saving changes!