Friday, April 20, 2007


Sorry I haven't posted. I'm in the middle of finals. I graduate tonight, then take finals on Monday and Tuesday. I promise to write when that's all done, I have FOs to show and all kinds of great things.

On the needles when I should be studying, socks for KM, socks for me.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Please Help Me

Ok, I'm apparently a little slow. I am desperate to have buttons on my blog. I can NOT figure out how the fuck to do it. You can see the buttons, but if you click, it takes you to my photobucket page, not the page for the site I'm trying to promote. So can someone please explain to me, using small words and big pictures, how the fuck I do this in blogger? I'm trying to jazz this place up a bit.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Barbie

So here's the last of the photos of "Stitch N' Bitch Barbie" with apologies to Mattel, Barbie and Deb Stoller. My MIL is also a knitter, so she loved this. To Sharon, yep, she takes them out of the box, even the fancy ones she has. This one was a $10 "big massive retailer" special. These were a lot of fun to make, I have to admit. The striped dress is from left-over Knit Picks sock yarn, I had to add a bit of a crochet border on the top because she was having a wardrobe malfunction. KM did the box, the back says, "Barbie and her friend Summer aren't at the beach this year. They've jointed countless other women in the coffee houses and yarn stores with a pair of needles and an urge to Bitch! Summer loves to knit and her line of hand-knit garments have hit the fashion runways of Paris, London and New York. But her real passion is for hand-knit socks and a good back rub." He made that up all by himself. That's what I love about him, he pays attention to what I say and what I'm interested in.

Other knitting news, I'm to the heel flap on FKM's second sock, I have about 2 inches on the shrug and no more progress on my Sol Joy Socks. I'm off to sit in our "library" and knit. Our house is typical North Valley old home that's been added to over the years. We have 4 bedrooms and on the East side of the house we have a long, fairly wide room where we have a sofa, a chair, some nice reading lamps and all of our bookshelves and piles of books waiting for shelves. The guys are watching a movie and I just feel like being a slug for a while, so I'm going to listen to the MP3 player and work on the shrug.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Purpleupagus and Itty Bitty Knitting

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I've been hard at work making clothes for the fashion maven herself, Barbie.

My mother-in-law collects Barbie, so I decided to use up some leftover sock yarn and make some clothes. Talk about fun, in a few hours, you can say you've finished a sweater. True, it's only 3 inches big, but it's a sweater. Oh if only big people sweaters went that fast. KM and I decided to take it a bit further and make a SNB Barbie, I don't have those photos yet, but I promise to post them.

In other knitting news, I've been working on the purpleupagus shrug for Jamie, showing here. It's actually purple, a rich royal purple with a celery colored trim, digital camera = pure shit. I'm at the front ribbing, have about 3 more inches, then the ribbing on the "sleeves" then seem it up and it's done. It sheds like you wouldn't believe.

I've been working on socks for FKM, have one sock done and almost all of the cuff done on the second, a pair of socks for me (almost to the toe decrease on #1) and socks for KM.

Tomorrow's a busy day. I took a day off to get my thyroid sono done, meet with UNM admissions and a bunch of other stuff. I did get accepted into UNM, YEAH!!! But they aren't wanting to take all of my credits as the general ed requirements, so I need to talk to them, wish me luck. I'll also be submitting my graduation packet tomorrow to Central NM Community College. I am graduating on April 20th with my Associates of Arts in Liberal Arts. Pardon me while I pat my own back, but I'm graduating with highest honors (4.0 GPA), a member of Phi Theta Kappa (honor society for community colleges) and as a member of the National Dean's List. I'm pretty stoked. Since I figure I'll be waiting around a bunch of places, I'll be taking knitting with me, probably my socks and FKM's socks.

That's all for now.