Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So I finally finished Alex's Drive-Thru Sweater. It was a super fast, super easy and super cheap thing to make. I used acrylic, Caron Super Soft. I know how most knitters feel about the dreaded "A" word, but having done his laundry for a year now, everything must be easily washable. He gets EVERYTHING on himself, like the day he decided it would be a good idea to sharpen a red pen. Here is striking a couple of poses for me. I hope he gets some use out of it before he outgrows it. He may stay skinny enough, but it could be short sleeve pretty soon. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

That's a great looking sweater on a great kid! Even if he dose sharpen pens at school and wear his dinner on his sleeve or socks. Yep that's right socks. Ask me about that one sometime.

Emilee said...

Yes, dinner conversations go like this:

"FKM, what's that on your sleeve?"

FKM: "I dunno"

or my favorite, "FKM, did I just watch you wipe your nose on your sleeve?"

FKM: "Uh, I dunno."

At least not as many toys, rocks and pennies come through the laundry. He finally learned after I told him anything found in the machines were a gift to the laundress.

Kerry said...

Very nice sweater! He looks like he's awfully pleased with it. Great job!

Emilee said...

Thank you, he likes it a lot. He wore it the next day to school (even though it's getting pretty warm here) and said he got 2 compliments, one from a teacher, and one from a little girl that likes him, she told him it was "cute on him." He told everyone I made it and showed them the "From the Needles of Emilee" tag. I think I'll make a bigger one for Yule this year, perhaps I should start now.

Shelby said...

I love the sweater! He looks so happy too! I think it's cute that a girl complimented him on it!

Emilee said...

Yes, he's started discovering girls this year, sigh. Although he asked one out on a date and she told him her mom wouldn't let her and I told him we wouldn't let him either, that hadn't occured to him, LOL.