Sunday, February 25, 2007

Laundry Day

So I am afraid that I am not nearly as clever as some of the other blog authors that I read. So I figure to help with my uncreative writing, I'll write about laundry day. Laundry day is full of true stories that I couldn't make up, if I tried.

A little background. When I first met KM I lived in an apartment with a laundry room for the residents. Then I met KM and discovered that he did his laundry at Harold's, which wins lots of awards from The Alibi for being the "Best in 'Burque." Harold's is located near-ish to the university and is open 24-hours. KM and I would go there and do our laundry on a Sunday night after FKM was asleep, so, around 10 pm or so. It was insane, but it was our "date." It was there that we first started talking about moving in together. One of the most memorable characters is the cross-dressing man. Now, he was not an attractive man, and unfortunately, made an even uglier woman. He would wear Daisy Dukes, but, er, he hadn't had any operations and it was kind of scary. And there were the crop tops that exposed a hair chest, the bad die job, the GINORMOUS glasses and the 5 o'clock shadow. He was entertaining.

Then KM and I moved in together and we had a washer and dryer in our place. But we moved over Christmas (don't EVER do that) and now I'm back to carting the laundry up to Harold's. Here, in no particular order, are the things I've seen the last 9 weeks.

1. The woman who apparently only does laundry once a quarter. She was using nearly every machine. She lived nearby because she would use the laundry carts to wheel her clean laundry across the street to her apartment, then come back for more. There was a lot of laundry.

2. One Sweater Girl: This is the girl who came in to dry just one sweater. That's all she had.

3. Scary parking lot guy. This guy is this weeks edition. He pulled in after I did and sat in his truck while I sat in my car eating my snack. He crawls out of his truck and I'm treated to a good 5 inches of ass-crack. Nice. Then I notice that he is dumping all of his laundry on to the ground on the passenger side. I start taking my laundry in and he asks if I need help. I assure him I'm fine and continue bringing in my stuff. Note to guys: don't ask strange women if they want help with their laundry. We will think you odd and that you only want to steal our panties. So I go about my business doing laundry. He positions his laundry so he can stare at me, creepy. So then I'm drying and sitting at a table and I knock a paper off, it wasn't mine, but he jumps up to pick it up for me. He sits at the computer desk the whole time staring at me. By this time I was sufficiently creeped out. He then selects the folding table NEXT to mine to fold his stuff. I was never so glad to get out of there.

4. Then there is Emo guy. I wasn't sure what to call him, but KM thinks he sounds Emo. I admit, I don't really understand Emo. But the guy had a dozen pairs of pants, all the same style, in wild shades. They are the pants from the 70's that are back. His were orange, turquoise and I think I saw a red pair.

5. Last week we had rude laundry people. These are the people who think that the entire laundry mat is for them and they can hog all of the machines and leave their baskets in the middle of the path.

So, there you have it. Laundry day. Tune in next week (or not) for the next addition.

Oh, knitting content. Well, I frogged the collar of the 800 pound gorilla and have redone it. Worked much better this time. I have maybe 2 more rows and it will be done, again. Then I can sew on my label and the button and get it out of here. I did get some work done on my FCSP's tote bag, it's crocheted.

That's it.

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