Thursday, February 22, 2007


Or how Emilee got her knitting ego kicked.

So last summer a co-worker bought me some yarn to make the Something Red sweater for another co-worker of ours, Stacy. Stacy is this cute little petite thing who would wear horrible boxy 80's era suit jackets when she was cold. So I began working on it. Here at the left you see attempt number 1. Stacy is small, so that's the size I made. As you can see I got to just below the sleeve stitches when I decided to try it on her. It was WAY too small. So we decided I should make the large and I ordered a few more balls of yarn.

It is important to note that I was pretty cocky at this point and thus far everything I had made had fit the intended recipient. Here we have attempt #2 I decided it didn't look much bigger than the last version, so I decided AFTER I had knit to the separating of sleeve stitches to check gauge. It was off, WAY the fuck off. I'm an idiot. So I changed to a bigger needle, did a gauge swatch and found that that worked. So I started over, again. Now, I did not frog either of these mistakes. Instead, I just started with a new ball of yarn. I figured I would frog when I needed the yarn, that way I would be nearly finished and it wouldn't be nearly as traumatic. I was correct.
I finished the sweater the night of the Grammy's. It's been blocked, but I don't like the way the collar is behaving, so I'm going to redo that part, probably this weekend.
Now Wendy gave it the ever-so-clever name of "Something Red" but I have renamed it: "The 800-pound Gorilla in My Knitting Bag."
I will be so glad to get this out of the house and off the to-do list.

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