Thursday, July 20, 2006

Come back and I'll taunt you a second time...

So, this is for you Jamie. Here is sock number one for my friend Jamie. I just finished it this afternoon and have about an inch done on the second sock. I'm hoping to get the second sock done by the end of this weekend so I can give them to her and I can start Alex's socks. Done with Knitpicks simple stripes sock yarn using a basic stockinette sock pattern from the "More Than Just Socks" book.

Oh, and in a previous post I said I was trying to learn 2 socks on 2 circs, but I just didn't have the patience. Maybe someday I'll learn it. But so far I don't have a problem with second sock syndrome, ladders between DPNs or getting the 2nd sock to match. So I think I'll stick to my DPNs.

KM says I am getting much faster with sock knitting.

OTN: Second sock, obviously, tan and blue scarf for Jamie. Wait a minute, why are both of my OTN projects for Jamie?

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