Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On Knitting

So I decided that since this blog is SUPPOSED to be about knitting and I have that handy Pagan Knitters ring I joined and if I EVER figure out how to post the Pagan Knitters button I should have an entry about knitting. So here goes...

I learned to knit January 18, 2005. My friend Jamie, who I knew from scrapbooking, had decided to start a SNB group. She said she was willing to teach people too. And I figured since she used to teach kindergarten, she'd be a good teacher. So I bought my "I Taught Myself to Knit" book and a skein of Red Hart. That night she taught me and another friend. I picked it up quite easily because I learned to crochet when I was about 10, which was, uh hem, 20 years ago. So it came rather naturally to me. I still have my first practice piece.

Once I got the hang of it, I decided to make a dishclothe. And I started acquiring lots of kitchen cotton. Last year I mainly made dishcloths because I was crocheting like a woman possessed. I was in one of those cycles every woman has where everyone around her is having babies. Last year there were 9 births and one adoption in my circle of friends. I made 5 baby blankets. I have 4 more to make for 2 of my friends that I didn't know about at the time. Of those 9 births, there was 1 set of triplets.

Then I got divorced and I started knitting a lot more. And I decided I wanted to do more than knit scarves and dishclothes. So my friend Jamie once again put on her teaching hat and taught me to knit socks. OH MY GODDESS. I love to knit socks. I've only finished one pair, but I loved it. And I love sock yarn. I don't have a yarn stash. No, really. Except for kitchen cotton, and a FEW skeins of sock yarn. I do have 8 skeins of KnitPicks that my other friend named Jamie bought for me to make her socks and fingerless gloves. That's right, I got someone else to supply my habit, LOL.

My first pair of socks went to KM who swears he loves them. I was really nervouse about giving them to him. But he's worn them twice and showed them off at work. So I guess he must really love them. KM is a great supporter of my hobbies and tells me how (honestly) how things look. I made some cards a few weeks ago (I stamp, too) and he said it wasn't my best work, and I have to admit, it really wasn't.

Anyway, I love to knit. I think about knitting. I look for patterns online. I drool over yarn I can't afford. I sit and stare, mouth hanging open, at the stashes of other knitters.

For Easter I got the Knitter's Tote that Michael's sells. I love it. And I recently bought the "Knitting Vintage Socks" book.

My knitting goals for this year include, knit myself a pair of socks, make the socks and fingerless gloves for my friend, knit myself a sweater from Knit and Tonic, make KM a sweater (now that we're engaged, I can do this) and maybe some other gifts for Yule this year. I also need to crochet a few blankets. I have another friend having a baby this year.

There will be more knitting related posts, I promise. And as soon as I get a digital camera, there will be photos. But I have to figure out how to post those. And I need to figure out how to post buttons.

On the needles:
Socks for me
Harry Potter scarf for FKM
Scarf for my other friend named Jamie


Jamie said...

Yes, that's me. An enabler. I supply you with the yarn, you make me fingerless gloves. Sounds good to me. Maybe my hands will no longer be cold. You're a fabulous friend for adding me to the needles!

roccermom said...

that vintage socks book rocks so hard.
my recent knitpicks aquisition is calling out for me to finally make up my mind and commit to a pair to finish.